1º Seminário LIFE-RELICT é já no próximo mês de Novembro!

In November, the first Seminar of Life-Relict Project will take place at the University of Évora, which will be held simultaneously with the 17th National Meeting of Ecology.

This scientific event is divided into 4 topics: Major threats to biodiversity conservation; Management and conservation of species and habitats; Ecology, management and planning of aquatic ecosystems, and Monitoring and modelling of habitats in response to global changes.

It will be a unique opportunity to attend lectures in the most important areas of contemporary ecology and to present works in this area. The first day of the seminar (Life-Relict day) is free, but subject to registration.

Register for both days or just on LIFE day at: http://www.speco.pt/pt/encontros/17-encontro-nacional-de-ecologia-seminario-life-relict