1st Technical Workshop on the Valorisation and Management of Mediterranean portuguese Laurel in Mata da Margaraça

On June 8th, 2018, the Life-Relict project organized, in partnership with the Interpretative Center of Mata da Margaraça, the 1st Technical Workshop in Mata da Margaraça, entitled “Valorisation and Management of Mediterranean Portuguese Laurel”. The day was attended by more than 35 participants representing associations such as Quercus, ICNF, Reflorestar Portugal, Cicytex, the Municipality of Oleiros, Center for Functional Ecology and a group of forest workers. This journey aimed to make known the Portuguese Laurel trees, identify their conservation status and disseminate management practices of this habitat subject to various threats.

In the first part of the journey, the Life-Relict project and its objectives were presented. The journey continued with a technical field visit in the heart of Mata da Margaraça, where is one of the best peninsular Portuguese Laurel. The group felt a spirit of sharing among all the participants, who contributed with their knowledge, thus enriching this action. Throughout the day the mystical Mata da Margaraça showed itself to the public in a green and fresh setting by the rain. The result was very positive, at the end of the day the sun gave us the brightness of the flowers of the Portuguese Laurel.

The day was facilitated by the trainers / speakers Carlos Pinto Gomes and Catarina Meireles from the University of Évora.

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Presentation of Life-Relict Project

Field Trip

Field Trip

Field Trip

Field Trip