Life-Relict returns to Cabeça, Aldeia Natal 2018 with a tour in the Socalcos Route

On December 27th, the Estrela Mountain Interpretation Center (CISE in portuguese), which is a Life-Relict partner, and with the support of the Mountain Villages Association, carried out yet another action to disseminate the Project through a tour along the Socalcos route . This route, with about 3 kilometers, integrates the Mountain Routes of the network of hiking trails in the Mountain Villages, developing in a valley with steep slopes and a marked rural character, next to the village of Cabeça (during the event of Aldeia Natal). In this village, housed at the top of a hill overlooking the Loriga stream, the traditional houses are one of the best examples of a typical schist settlement in Estrela Mountain.

On the way, there are terraced areas and on the banks of the river, there are woodlan of Portuguese Laurel and holly trees, evidence of the natural vegetation of the valley in times before the last glacial period. Part of the route is part of the study area of ​​the Life-Relict project that intends to preserve the Continental Laurissilva Relics, which, in this region, have as main objective the preservation of the Portuguese Laurel communities that exist here.

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