The 2nd Technical Day on the Valorization and Management of Mediterranean Rhododendron took place in Monchique

The 2nd Technical workshop about “Valorization and Management of Mediterranean Rhododendron” took place on June 6th, 2019 in Vale Largo, Monchique. It was attended by the Mayor of Monchique and over 40 people that were interested in learning more about the communities of Rhododendron ponticum subsp. Baeticum.

This day offered the opportunity to follow the work carried out under the Life-Relict project and discuss the main problems related to the conservation of these relict communities.

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1 – at left Professor Carlos Pinto Gomes, coordinator of Life-Relict, at right Rui André, Mayor of Monchique Municipally
2 – Group photo
3 –  Rhododendron ponticum subsp. Baeticum
4 – Foia landscape