National Day for Nature Conservation

The National Day for Nature Conservation was instituted by the Portuguese Government in July 28th, 1998, through Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 73/98, which aims to create an annual moment of special reflection on issues related to nature, whether in Portugal or in the world. It is also a day of recognition of the role of society and the associative movement in favor of defending natural values, the basis of survival and all human activities.

This day aims to raise awareness and inform society about the state of nature and sustainable use of biological resources. Indeed, ecological imbalances, climate change, degradation of habitat and ecosystems, as well as the loss of biodiversity, jeopardize the sustainable development of Portugal, so the involvement of all citizens in its preservation is urgent and essential.

At Life-Relict, we are working to preserve the Continental Laurissilva Relics so that everyone can benefit from its goods and services, both in the present and for future generations.