The Environmental Education Plan is now available

In order to fulfill the 5th objective of the Life-Relict, that is, to increase the motivation, skills and cooperation of the local population and the regional authorities for the preservation of the Continental Laurissilva Relicts, several dissemination actions are being developed. It include the dissemination of the Project to the general public; communication and promotion of nature-based tourism; promoting environmental education actions; technical and scientific dissemination activities; networking with other projects and replication efforts.

In this way, the Life-Relict Project has a specific action for schools, through which it intends to:

  • Cooperate with the school to fulfill its Educational Project, enriching the learning process, and without any financial burden for the educational community.
  • Streamline environmental education activities considering the areas of competence established in the Student Profile on Leaving Mandatory Schooling and the Environmental Education Framework for Sustainability.
  • To raise the awareness of the educational community about the importance of nature conservation in general and the preservation of the Continental Laurissilva Relicts in particular.


For more information about the Environmental Education Plan, please contact the Project team.

The Plan is available in Portuguese for consultation HERE.