The Life-Relict project was born out of the desire to preserve a rare habitat in Europe, dominated by plants that witnessed the Laurissilva forests that occupied the Iberian Peninsula in past geological times, when the climate was tropical. These rare plants are the Portuguese relict laurel-leaved communities, such as the Portuguese Laurel and the Pontic Rhododendron.

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Last News:

Visit to the woodland of Portuguese Laurel in Cabeça

On December 14th (2019), the Life-Relict Project team organized an interpretative visit to the woodland of Portuguese Laurel in Cabeça, Seia county. The activity consisted of a pedestrian walk with about 3km in the surrounding of the Cabeça village and was part of the event program called Cabeça, Christmas village. For the 30 or so …

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Communication and Dissemination

During november, the Life-Relict project team has been developing communications at congresses and seminars, which are a integral part of the Project’s communication plan and fundamental to the conservation of nature in general and for the conservation of the Continental Laurissilva Relics in particular.   It was in this sense that Life-Relict went to the …

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