The Life-Relict project was born out of the desire to preserve a rare habitat in Europe, dominated by plants that witnessed the Laurissilva forests that occupied the Iberian Peninsula in past geological times, when the climate was tropical. These rare plants are the Portuguese relict laurel-leaved communities, such as the Portuguese Laurel and the Pontic Rhododendron.

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Last News:

Layman’s Report Available

The layman’s report is now available for consultation or download. This is a report that presents the final results of the project in a non-technical version, accessible to everyone interested in knowing more about the conservation of Continental Laurissilva. Available HERE

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Field Guides Available

Both field guides are available for download here. These guides will complement the implemented walking routes and thus increase the nature based tourism within the project’s intervention areas. Monchique Field Guide  + Rhododendron Route           Estrela Field Guide  + Portuguese Laurel Route  

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Monchique Mayor volunteers

Still in 2023, with the aim of marking World Tree Day, the entire municipal executive participated in an afforestation and reforestation action in Foia, with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of preserving trees, both in the local ecosystem and for the ecological balance in general, but also for the importance of forestry …

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3rdLIFE-Relict Seminar in Seia 2022

The 3rd and final Life-Relict Seminar was organized by project partner CMSeia, through C.I.S.E. (Serra da Estrela Interpretation Center) which included a conference, on September 9, 2022, and a walking route between Cabeça and Casal do Rei, the following day, which allowed visiting the Portuguese community of laurel trees on the Loriga river. The opening …

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