The Life-Relict project was born out of the desire to preserve a rare habitat in Europe, dominated by plants that witnessed the Laurissilva forests that occupied the Iberian Peninsula in past geological times, when the climate was tropical. These rare plants are the Portuguese relict laurel-leaved communities, such as the Portuguese Laurel and the Pontic Rhododendron.

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Last News:

From the tree to the forest: Environmental education programme ongoing in Seia

“From the tree to the forest” is the environmental education project that CISE is developing with students from the Seia School Center, within the scope of Life-Relict project. In the last weeks, four classes from the third and fourth year of school held the first activity “How am I and who am I”. In addition …

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NEEMO visits Life-Relict intervention areas

On the 27th and 28th of May, we received a NEEMO visit, through the monitor Sara Barceló, who came to see on the spot the interventions carried out by the Life-Relict team, more precisely, in Mata da Margaraça and in the surrounding areas of Cabeça and Casal do Rei villages. Click on images to enlarge

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Life-Relict visits Mata Nacional do Bussaco

On May 17th, the team of Life-Relict visited the Bussaco National Forest and the intervention areas of the Life Bright Project. Here, it was possible to learn about the management actions carried out to control of invasive alien species and the recovery of the habitats that this iconic National Forest hosts.         …

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The Environmental Education Plan is now available

In order to fulfill the 5th objective of the Life-Relict, that is, to increase the motivation, skills and cooperation of the local population and the regional authorities for the preservation of the Continental Laurissilva Relicts, several dissemination actions are being developed. It include the dissemination of the Project to the general public; communication and promotion …

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