The Life-Relict project was born out of the desire to preserve a rare habitat in Europe, dominated by plants that witnessed the Laurissilva forests that occupied the Iberian Peninsula in past geological times, when the climate was tropical. These rare plants are the Portuguese relict laurel-leaved communities, such as the Portuguese Laurel and the Pontic Rhododendron.

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Last News:

The Environmental Education Plan is now available

In order to fulfill the 5th objective of the Life-Relict, that is, to increase the motivation, skills and cooperation of the local population and the regional authorities for the preservation of the Continental Laurissilva Relicts, several dissemination actions are being developed. It include the dissemination of the Project to the general public; communication and promotion …

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National Day for Nature Conservation

The National Day for Nature Conservation was instituted by the Portuguese Government in July 28th, 1998, through Resolution of the Council of Ministers no. 73/98, which aims to create an annual moment of special reflection on issues related to nature, whether in Portugal or in the world. It is also a day of recognition of …

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Survey about Life-Relict Website

We kindly ask for your collaboration in this short survey about the Life-Relict Website and, if you please, disseminate it throughout your contacts. It aims to understand the scope of the Project’ communication and dissemination actions. Coordinated by the University of Évora, this is a project that aims to substantially improve the conservation status of …

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3rd Technical Workshop on Propagation of Vulnerable Species at CICYTEX

On February 14 (2020), the 3rd technical workshop was held under Life-Relict, this time about the propagation of vulnerable species. The event took place at the Instituto de Investigaciones Agrarias Finca La Orden-Valdesequera, in Badajoz. Here, the participants had the opportunity to get to know more closely the work that the partner CICYTEX has been …

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